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Welcome to, your destination for inspiring sayings and meaningful words from different cultures worldwide. In our poster shop, beauty, wisdom and inspiration come together in a unique way.

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Our diverse range includes personalized pictures, family posters, definition posters, kitchen posters, children's posters and educational Islamic posters with translations. We are proud to offer a wide range of posters that highlight Turkey, Turkish culture and Islam.

Inspiration from different cultures

Discover a diverse collection of wisdom and inspirational sayings from different cultures that can help enrich your life and recharge your batteries with positive energy. Our Turkish wisdom, also called Türkçe Sözler, is a tribute to the rich cultural tradition.

Islamic Posters with Profound Meaning

Our Islamic posters are decorated with verses from the Quran/Kuran Ayetleri and Hadiths (Hadisler), giving you a glimpse into the spiritual world of Islam. Each poster comes with a German translation so that everyone can understand the meaning and message of these sacred texts.

The beauty of Türkiye and its culture

We are also inspired by the beauty and culture of Turkey, from majestic landscapes to cultural treasures. These expressions are not only deeply rooted in culture, but also universal in their applicability. They remind us that love, friendship, patience and hope are the cornerstones of a fulfilling life.

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Our posters are perfect as a gift for your loved ones, be it for a birthday, wedding or other special occasion. They are not only works of art, but also sources of inspiration that will fill your walls and hearts.

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