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Collection: Children's pictures - gifts for birth and children's room decoration

Children's room picture set

Personalized wall decoration for the little ones

Welcome to, your source for high-quality children's room pictures and baby room wall decorations. Discover our diverse selection of personalized pictures with names and definition images that will transform the children's room into a magical world of fantasy.

Children's room pictures

Unique design options

A child's room is more than just a room - it is a place of creativity and growth. Our children's room picture set offers unique design options to inspire your little ones' imagination. From playful animals to inspirational quotes, we have the perfect poster for every child's room.

Baby room wall decoration

Welcome to your baby's world

The baby room is the first room your newborn will call home. Design this special room with our baby room wall decoration, which offers soft colors and calming motifs. Create an environment in which your baby feels comfortable and thrives.

Personalized images with names

A gift from the heart

Personalized pictures with names are not only a wonderful addition to the children's room, but also a special gift for a birth or baptism. The ability to artfully integrate your child's name into the picture gives it a personal touch.

Definition images

Learn and play at the same time

Definition pictures are a fun and educational way to decorate your child's room. They present words and their meanings in an engaging way, encouraging learning and stimulating the imagination. Make the children's room a place of discovery.

Picture frame children's room

Display artwork with style

Our picture frames for children's rooms are not only functional but also stylish. They ensure that your children's artwork is presented appropriately. Give your child's room a gallery-like atmosphere.

Pictures for the baby room

A world of dreams

The baby's room should be a place where dreams come true. Our pictures for the baby room, be it a picture of a cute animal or a calming nature motif, create a world of dreams and imagination that your baby will love.

Pictures of teenager's room

For growing adventurers

As your child grows, they will develop their own style and taste. Our pictures for the teenager's room are specially designed for growing adventurers. They offer a wide range of motifs to suit changing interests.

Pictures for girls' rooms

Magical elegance

For girls' rooms, we offer a selection of magical pictures that combine elegance and fantasy. From princesses to unicorns, we have the perfect motifs to transform the girl's room into a magical place.

Baby room wall decoration

Discover our variety of baby posters

We cordially invite you to explore our extensive selection of children's room pictures and baby room wall decorations. At wall decorations you will find everything you need to transform your little ones' rooms into oases of creativity and joy. Give your children an inspiring environment that supports their development and makes their dreams come true.

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