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Collection: Turkish sayings - Sözler

Welcome inspiring sayings - güzel and anlamlı sözler i from all over the world!

In our poster shop, where beauty, wisdom and inspiration merge together in a unique way.

Anne melek & Amca

Our offer includes a wide range of posters, including personalized pictures, family posters, definition posters, kitchen posters, children's posters and educational Islamic posters with translations.

We are proud to offer a variety of posters that highlight Turkey, Turkish culture and Islam.

Alahu akbar

In this category you will find a diverse collection of wisdom and inspiring sayings that can help you enrich your life and recharge your batteries with positive energy - kötü düşüncelere karşı pozitif bir enerji -

Turkish wisdom - from all over the world - Güzel Sözler - evrensel

Our collection of Turkish wisdom / Türkçe Sözler is a tribute to the rich tradition of the culture. With Turkish sayings ideas and translations in German, we want to explore the beauty of these words and bring them to life on your pin board. The words an expression of wisdom and deep emotions that touch hearts.

Islamic posters with translations - Dini posterler ve çevirileri

Our Islamic posters are decorated with verses from the Quran / Kuran Ayetleri and Hadith (Had is ler), giving you a glimpse into the spiritual world of Islam.

Ayeti el kürsi

Each poster comes with a German translation so that everyone can understand the meaning and message of these sacred texts. Start your day with Bismillahirrahmanirrahim and find comfort in the words of Ayat al-Kursi.

Turkish beauty and culture - Türk kültürü

Turkey, known for its breathtaking beauty and rich history, inspires many of our posters. From the majestic Turkish landscapes to the country's cultural treasures, our posters capture the essence of Turkey and bring it into your home.

Murals about love - Aşk ve Sevgi ile ilgili sözler

These expressions not only reflect deep cultural values, but also universal in their applicability. They remind us that love, friendship, patience and hope are the cornerstones of a fulfilling life.

Start with bismillah

These güzel sözler are timeless sources of inspiration for people all over the world. May the message of these words touch hearts and accompany you on your journey through life.

Bismillah in German

Bismillah! In this article we would like to present you a collection of Turkish wisdom that is both inspiring and meaningful.


Turkish sayings are known for their deep wisdom and expressiveness, and they can give us guidance and comfort in various life situations. Sometimes we are sad in our current phase of life and every consolation is valuable. One look at the posters is enough.

Below is a selection of topics we will cover:

Murals about love - Aşk ve Sevgi ile ilgili sözler

Love is a universal language that connects people all over the world. Our sayings about love are famous for their emotional expressions and poetic beauty. We will present some of these sayings to you and translate them into German for you.

Short quotes - Güzel sözler kısa anlamlı

Short but meaningful sayings have the power to reach our thoughts and emotions in just a few words - senin düşüncelerine sadece az sözlerle ulaşabilen anlamlar -

Başarı Poster 

Başarı, kendine olan güvenden doğar - Success comes from trusting yourself.

In this section, we will present you some short but meaningful - çok kısa ama mantıklı - Turkish sayings that can touch your soul.

Pictures about life - Hayat ile ilgili resimler

Life is full of challenges and ups and downs. Turkish words about life can help us understand the meaning of life and deal with the difficult situations. We will present you some of these inspiring texts - also in German.

Pictures of important days of loved ones - as a gift - En çok sevdiklerinin özel günleri - seni seviyorum demek gibi bir hediyes- sana iyi bir hediye fikri olabilir

In Turkey, mothers, Mama - Anne and all other family members such as grandmothers Babaane, aunts Teyze, Hala, sister-in-law Yenge, brother Abi, sister Abla, Kardeş are particularly honored.

Anneler gunu and babaane

Anneler günü Mother's Day and Babalar günü Father's Day are important occasions to thank these special people and honor their love and sacrifice. We will present you some Turkish sayings that relate to these topics.

Bismillah picture and Tawakkul poster - Besmele ve Tevekkül

Bismillah means - In the name of God - and is often said before an action or undertaking to invoke God's blessing and protection. Tawakkul means trust in God - Allaha güvenmek ve o na hiç sorgusuz teslim olmak - With tawakkul you don't ask something!


Tawakkul makes it able to trust more in God than in yourself - and is an important virtue in Islam. We will present you some proverbs related to these two concepts.

Protection prayer Nazar duası

The Nazar Dua is a prayer in Islam that serves to protect oneself from the evil eye - kötü ve kem göz den korunmak için - and negative energy. It is often used to bless oneself or others and to protect oneself from misfortune - sensin ve başkalarının başına hic bir kötülük gelmemesi için.

Nazara dua

The prayer is usually recited to seek protection and well-being. Here is the Nazar Dua in Arabic:

In German it goes something like: Oh Allah, may nothing harm him/her.

It is important to note that the Nazar Dua is an expression of faith and request for protection that is widespread in the Muslim community.


People pray it to protect themselves and their loved ones from any kind of harm and thus feel protected and filled with inner peace - insanlar bu dua ile rahatlamış olur

Gift ideas for special occasions -  Önemli günler için hediye fikirleri

Our posters are perfect as a gift for your loved ones. Whether it's a birthday, a wedding or other special occasion - a poster with an inspirational quote or a religious verse is a loving gesture that comes from the heart.


In our poster shop you will not only find works of art, but also sources of inspiration that will fill your walls and hearts. Take a look into the world of wisdom, beauty and spirituality of Islam.


Our selection of sayings about love, allows you to understand the deep and romantic messages rooted in Turkish culture.

If you are looking for short and meaningful güzel sözler, then you have come to the right place! Our collection will help you find the perfect words to aptly express your feelings.

Sevgi Picture - Love Pictures

Sevgiyle yapılan işlerde yorgunluk olmaz - There is no tiredness in love.

Our short Turkish phrases about love convey compact and powerful messages that can help you understand love in all its facets. Our category güzel sözler it is important to us that these valuable words are accessible to everyone - her insan icin aynı koşullarda ulaşılır.

Islamic quotes with translation in German

That's why we offer German so you can understand the meaning behind the words. Whether big or small - many of these instructive words are often misunderstood.

Öğrenme image

İlim öğrenmek için yaşamak gerekir. - One must live to gain knowledge.

Hayat Image 

Hayat, güzelliklerin ardında gizli. - Life is hidden behind the beauties.

We try to enrich the true principles of Turkish citizens and Muslims with our German writings - çeviriler çok önemli çünkü yanlış anlaşılmaları engeller

Written by Hz. Ali

We would like to encourage people to understand that starting life with positive energy and saying Bismillah in English - in the name of Allah.


This expression symbolizes trust in Allah and trust in the success of all undertakings. It is the first step to start the day with confidence and courage.

An important religious leader in Islam, as well as the Ayet el Kürsi, a verse from the Quran describing divine strength and omnipotence 

If you are ever worried or need support, you will also find sayings such as Tawakkul, Nazar dua and others that can help you have faith in Allah and overcome difficulties.

Hz. Ali'nin anlamli sözlerinden kesiteler ve Ayetel Kürsi'nin büyük gücü önemi

Güzel sözler are timeless and offer deep insights into life, love and humanity. Let's explore some of these instructive words - Bu güzel sözler zaman kavramından bağımsız ve hayata, aşk a, sevgiye, insani duygulara dair cok büyük anlamlar taşıyor

Image Umut - Umut etmek Poster

Umut varsa her şey var. - Where there is hope, there is everything.

We are here to fulfill your wishes. Explore our selection to find the perfect poster for yourself or as a gift.

Dostluk picture - Poster friendship

Dost kervanı yolda düzelir - The Caravan of Friendship will be repaired on the way.

Friend are like stars

Ignite the spiritual fire within yourself and observe the positive change that these sayings trigger in you over time.

Turkish sayings -Güzel sözler kısa anlamlı - Güzel sözler sevgiliye - Güzel sözler kisa

Sometimes pain clings to our body like clothing and eats us inside. Whether it is the comfort in words or the healing of Islam, we are confident that whoever visits the site will definitely find something suitable.

Here you will find some topics and sample images from our collection:

    Islamic quotes with translation in German


    Whether at the beginning of the day or at bedtime - good for you - whether for happiness and beautiful moments or for sad life situations and for your time to think - iyi ve kötü, küçük ve büyük mutluluk ve hüzünlerde - every minute of your life can with our signposts be reflected - her dakika ve her saniye seninle - sonuna kadar 

    Star saying

    We also have beautiful posters for our little explorers - ufaklar icin - that support sweet dreams - tatli rüya lar görmelerini destekler - and make it easier for the normally lazy snails - normal de tembel - to get up. For the children they don't wake up from dreams.


    You can choose from our diverse offering, visit us for a spiritual experience and little touches for your soul and your loved one. Treat yourself to the trip and say for me and my loved one

    ben ve benim sevdiklerim icin - Make your own experience - make your own experience

    In this sense:

    Bismillah - Begin your journey to wisdom with the help of our wall decoration

    You will like this! - You will like it - cok seveceksin

    Only the best from us - Wall decoration

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